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Jio Evolution – Preview + Welcome + Happy New Year Offer

April 5th, 2017

Reliance Jio Infocomm, the ultimate Challenger to the incumbents in the Indian Telecom Industry have had a series of offers which are best analysed as follows.

The saga started with Jio’s preview offer which was about “we are completely unsure of our product and need to seed LYF VoLTE handsets so that third-party VoLTE handset launches accelerate; hence, won’t charge. From there it rolled out Jio’s welcome offer which was about “we are still unsure of our product quality at a larger scale and there is very little customer-level feedback to expect mass sign-ups” hence, won’t charge.

From there, the management rolled out Jio’s happy new year offer which was perhaps about “we are confident of our data product but our voice product still has some gaps, not sure the customer would pay us yet” there are still a sizable number of 4G handsets out there that do not have a Jio sim; makes sense to still not charge.

From the Happy New Year Offer, we are now into the Jio Summer of Surprise offer as the number of customers willing to pay for Jio was a whopping 72 Million beating all global records in Telecom Subscription and thus Mukesh Ambani wants at least 50 million to stick around and use the Highest Speed Mobile Broadband Network available in India.

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