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How Big is the instagram Platform with Active Users Data ?

November 6th, 2013 Comments off

Instagram Montly Active UsersInstagram was the World’s Most Photo Sharing Platform threatening the dominance of Facebook and thus the latter bought it and has grown the platform beyond anybody’s expectations. Just a while ago, Facebook has disclosed about Instagram Active and Total user Data and also the Instagram Grand Plan for Monetization which is expected to add another Quarter million Dollar to Facebook’s Topline.

Instagram had 100mn Monthly Active Users [MAUs], up from 22mn MAUs when Facebook announced its acquisition of Instagram in April 2012. When Facebook launched Instagram videos on June 20, it also commented that Instagram had over 130mn MAUs. Finally, on October 3 when Instagram announced in a blog post Read more…

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Trends in the Asia Online PC Game Market

October 5th, 2013 Comments off

PC Gaming in AsiaGame consoles (such as Nintendo’s systems) and package game software do not have much of a presence in the South Korean and Chinese game markets. The main game format in these markets is online PC games, downloaded via the Internet and played on the user’s PC. This is the case in Korea mainly because game console adoption has been slower than in Japan and in China because of legal restrictions on the distribution of game consoles. [Mobile Gaming Trends in Asia is covered here]

In markets where game consoles are not widespread, it is only natural for gaming on PCs (the closest electronic device to hand) to be high. However, the rapid development of online PC games in South Korea and China is also attributable to the ecosystems in these markets, in Read more…

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Facebook Ads on the Social Graph – State of Social Advertising

May 10th, 2013 Comments off

facebook social graph adsIn our view, a majority of current social ads are just ads on social platforms rather than social-enabled ads. These advertisements seem to boast no prominent differences with display ads on other online platforms (e.g. portals), which are primarily delivered on the back of user reach and visits. Currently, social-oriented platforms still do not seem to have efficiently leveraged the social/interest graphs of their users, although some pioneers (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) have been actively testing new ad formats to target better.

The State of Facebook Ads on Graph Search
Facebook launched a user-focused search service, Graph Search, in January this year, allowing users to search for the friends, locations, pictures and interests of a specific Facebook user. Three months after its launch, the company reportedly has begun to test Graph Search-based advertising. Unlike traditional search ads Read more…

Facebook Feeds to Drive Revenues

March 12th, 2013 Comments off

World’s Largest Social Networking Site, Facebook News Feed currently captures the majority of users’ attention, but takes up less than 40% of the Facebook’s homepage screen real estate. Facebook Feeds
Facebook aims to change this by bringing images front and center for every type of story to make the News Feed a more visual experience. Ads that mimic organic posts could perform even better with the additional Read more…

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Facebooks Vs Google – Mobile Social vs Search – Advertisers Spend & Dilemma

November 16th, 2012 Comments off

Google with its Search Advertising was the undisputed king in the Online Advertising World until Facebook opened its enviable Social inventory for Advertisers and got into serious business of monetization of user generated content. Google realizing this swiftly moved into Social space with the launch of Google+ a hybrid of Twitter & Facebook but so far hasn’t been able to get close to either of the two former platforms.

Obviously there was a big controversy around the impact of mobile and its impact on the reduction in Google’s cost-per-clicks. I’m just wondering whether mobile is incremental or is it cannibalizing desktop ? Well, What Read more…

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Microsoft + Nokia Share Technologies on Maps + Traffic Advisory

May 25th, 2012 Comments off

Microsoft Bing Maps is now getting Technology and Data from Nokia to enhance Bing Maps. Nokia already has Live Traffic Advisory in many Cities spanning 24 Nations across the Globe.

Nokia started enhancing its Maps portfolio as early as 2004. Nokia targeted it as an add on Value Added Service provided Free to its premium Smartphone Consumers. Nokia maps has very good geocoding techniques for driving directions which will now be incorporated in Microsoft Bing Maps as well as Windows 8 Phone.

Nokia will also share with Bing Maps Live Traffic Data as well. Google watch out, their partnership is getting stronger.

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