Amazon FirePhone – Platform Wars – Android to Lose MarketShare not iOS

June 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Amazon FirePhoneWeb Computing Giant officially entered the SmartPhone war with the launch of Amazon Fire Mobile Phone. The Big Stakes dominated so far by Apple and Google will be under threat as consumers change their handset every 2 years and Microsoft along with Amazon are vying for a slice of this market.

The hardware specs of Fire Phone are quite decent, equipped with Qualcomm-based quad-core 2.2 GHz processor, standalone GPU, 2GB of RAM and 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass display. It also comes with a 13 MP rear camera with OIS function and an industry leading f/2.0 lens Read the Full Article

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Can BlackBerry Recover With new SmartPhones ?

June 22nd, 2014 Comments off

Can BlackBerry Bounce Back With Blackberry falling back in love with hardware, it is also unclear how far additional cost cuts, which originally were targeted at hardware engineers, can go and puts into question the timing of sustained operating profitability.

While we expect Blackberry to introduce its Jakarta and other low-end models through Foxconn we believe that Nokia’s decision to introduce its X-line of Androidbased low-end phones for emerging markets only further challenges Blackberry, as OEMs targeting emerging markets clamor to work on the Android Read the Full Article

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eBay Sales Affected by Security Breach + Google Panda Algorithm Update

June 16th, 2014 Comments off

ebay SalesAccording to ChannelAdvisor May eCommerce same store sales (SSS) data, eBay SSS increased 11.5% y/y in May vs. 14.0% y/y in April, a 250bps m/m deceleration (off a 450bps easier y/y comp). eBay SSS weakened an estimated 540bps after May 21st (from +13.3% growth to +7.9%) due to the combined impact of the Google algorithm change and security breach. As sales in June are also likely to be impacted (uncertainty remains) and eBay management must come out and clear the air. This means that eBay Management may have to bid aggressively on Search marketing and across the Adwords / Double Click Platform to retain consumer stickiness / acquisition.

According to ChannelAdviser, Amazon SSS Read the Full Article

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S5 – The Profitability Equation

June 1st, 2014 Comments off

Samsung S5 Most ProfitableMarket research firms such as IHS say the Samsung Galaxy S5′s bill of materials (BOM) cost is higher than the S4′s, but our analysis shows it is about 10% lower. The hardware specs are similar but we see large savings on component costs. Despite the higher manufacturing process cost of the S5 (water-proof design), we expect a lower total cost due to a lower BOM cost and more prudent marketing expenses.

According to IHS, the Galaxy S5 with 32GB NAND carries a BOM of USD251, which is higher than IHS’s estimate for Apple’s (AAPL US, not rated) iPhone 5S (USD207), and the Galaxy S4 (USD241 for the Snapdragon AP version, USD244 for the Exynos Octa version).

The BOM of Galaxy S5 is USD215, i.e., about 10% lower Read the Full Article

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Peek into MakeMyTrip Sales & Customer Acquisition Strategy

May 31st, 2014 Comments off

MakeMyTrip Sales StrategyIndia’s First and Leading Online & Mobile Travel assistant MakeMyTrip, uses a mix of online and offline distribution channels for a wide reach in the Indian travel market. Offline distribution, though small, but is important because – India’s Internet penetration though growing is still at relatively low levels, and complicated itineraries/ customizable travel packages are better handled through personal interaction.

MakeMyTrip (MMYT) sales network is comprised of company’s websites, call centers, airport counters and travel stores, (d) travel agents’ network, and mobile service platform. A lion’s share of the air ticket bookings (94.7% in FY13), sales of hotel rooms, standard flight plus hotel packages, and booking of all of rail and bus tickets is done Read the Full Article

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What are the Barriers in Adoption of Digital Currency – BitCoin?

May 15th, 2014 Comments off

Bitcoin BarriersThe BitCoin is the Largest Digital Currency in market and is over 5 years old. We’d like to see what are the barriers Digital Currency is facing apart from Regulatory Hurdles. Bitcoin advocates who benefit from Bitcoin appreciation argue strongly for its role as an asset, but the transactions technology is generic and efficient and less complicated than introducing an intermediate currency (Bitcoin) to facilitate USD to USD or USD to EUR transactions.

Security, volatility, regulation and crime are widely acknowledged issues. Advocates see imminent solutions while naysayers see a mix of ‘pump and dump’ and ‘crash and burn’. The part of Bitcoin that encrypts transactions and prevents double spending of the same Bitcoin is very secure. Outside of this core, it has been very difficult to make Bitcoin Read the Full Article

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