Can Xiamoi’s Business Model be Replicated ?

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Xiamoi Model Replication Xiaomi’s e-commerce model has disrupted the competitive landscape of China smartphones. Following Xiaomi’s business success, brands such as Huawei/ Coolpad/ Lenovo have started to embrace e-commerce models by launching ecommerce only models or establishing a separate e-commerce sub-brand.

Xiamoi Internet Services Company – User Acquisition & Monetization
In an internet eco-system, a company usually builds its user base upon a specific demand for services, e.g. messaging (Tencent) and internet Read the Full Article

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US Mobile Advertising Touches 30% of Internet Ads

November 7th, 2014 Comments off

Mobile Advertising MarketThe Mobile advertising is poised to exceed 30% of total Internet advertising in 2014 and exceed the size of desktop search in 2016. Mobile advertising is forecasted to grow 67% this year and 36% next, driven by strength across display and video. Both desktop search and desktop display advertising are forecasted to grow less than 10% this year (5%). Google’s share of total Internet advertising in the U.S. will decline 200bps y/y to 46% in 2014 as search and desktop share of the total declines, while Facebook’s share increases to 8.5% from 6% as mobile and display share of the total increases.

Internet video advertising is forecasted to grow 32% Read the Full Article

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Platform Wars – Microsoft vs Apple

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microsoft vs appleWe’d like to share some insights on multi sided platforms (MSPs) which optimize profit by monetizing one customer side while subsidizing the other (Adobe, Visa). This theory argues that Apple lost to Microsoft in PC software not because Apple was more proprietary but because Apple tried to monetize developers as well as consumers while Microsoft discounted its SDK. Today Apple is closed in controlling the technology of its devices where it monetizes. But Apple appears to be increasingly open in leveraging developers through APIs. Examples include Read the Full Article

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First Take on Apple Pay Live Retail Payment

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Apple Pay Live ExperienceAfter downloading the latest version of iOS, access the Apple Pay via the Passbook & Apple Pay option in the Settings app. You will be quickly prompted to link our iTunes credit card (AMEX Starwood card) to Apple Pay, which only required us to enter our 4-digit security code. Next, we loaded a Chase Sapphire Visa card (whose PAN appears on the back of the card so we found it easier to manually input the PAN rather than take a picture of the card). After entering all the Chase card details, we were prompted to call Chase to activate the card in the Apple Pay wallet (we believe each issuer has their own security procedures for onboarding their cards). Last, we attempted to add a co-branded United/Chase MasterCard into Apple Pay, but received a message saying that Chase is only supporting Visa cards in Apple Pay.

At the retail outlet the cashier rang Read the Full Article

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Sogou / Baidu Rushes to Launch iOS 8 Cloud Based Editors

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Sogou Pinyin iOS 8 EditorsThe recently released iOS 8 OS update, among other things, has enabled third party input methods. Sogou and Baidu both launched apps offering alternative input methods, Sogou Pinyin and Baidu Pinyin, respectively. According to data from leading mobile app analytics firm App Annie, Sogou Pinyin has ranked No.1 in terms of downloads across all free apps since its launch on 18 Sep in China. The iOS compatible Sogou Pinyin allows multiple input methods; such as pinyin, stroke, and handwriting. It embeds a large lexicon, Cloud-based input technologies, and certain other well-known input displays and functions also seen in the Android version. Previously, given a lack of Chinese-oriented input methods on iOS, Chinese users had to deal with the less efficient input methods that Apple offered. A highly developed auto-complete function supported by Sogou Pinyin should help boost input efficiency and improve user experience. Baidu Pinyin on iOS 8 is similar to Sogou Pinyin in functionality, and Read the Full Article

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eBay Failed to Innovate on PayPal, Apple Pay a Big Threat

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Paypal Failure Rise of Apple PayeBay the e-Commerce laggard failed to innovate on its Internet Payment Processing Platform, PayPal to the Mobile World and thus it is now going to face the heat from Innovative Apple’s NFC based Apple Pay as well as Google Wallet.

We would pay particular attention to communications surrounding potential NFC-enabled purchases for the iPhone 6 and iWatch devices. Already believed to have established deals with American Express, Mastercard and Visa, many believe that Apple will introduce the “Apple Pay”, providing consumers with a new offering in the mobile proximity payments space. Given the importance of the Apple announcement to eBay’s PayPal division lete look at its impact on PayPal and Read the Full Article

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